Social Media Marketing

Engagement is the currency of Social Media. At Oxy Creative we are realist when it comes to the social media game. What is real is that social users primarily use social media to stay up to date with friends and family, not to see you companies social post. That reason, in itself, should get your mind thinking about what time of posts you should be producing. People on on the internet for entertainment or to solve a problem. This is how we approach social media. Oxy Creative manages social media like we are consumers of social media. Many businesses do not see the need or appropriateness of applying a social media strategy to their business and in a very small amount of cases that could be true. We start with a detailed persona level look into your potential customer base and come up with posts that we believe will engage them in an entertaining or problem solving way and we have success!

Do Social Media The Right Way!

Here’s the heart of the matter: The essence of social media is knowing your audiences and engaging them in something they love.

Social Sites We Find Worthy

Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Outbrain, and About 100 Others


Social Media Account Creation, Account Optimization, Account Linking, Posting and Cross Posting, Attaining Likes/Comments/Shares, Gaining Followers, Content Creation, and Content Curration

WHY USE SOCIAL MEDIA?Here is the top five reasons to use social media for business and marketing

Free Accounts

Creating social media accounts, like setting a Facebook fan page or Twitter account is totally free.


Easy Connectivity

This allows you with the easiest connectivity procedure. Linking the fan page with your website and vice versa is super easy.


Unlimited Audiences

A chance to connect with unlimited audiences when you use our services. What more can one ask for, social media provides a cheap way to advertise.


Public Exposure

Social networking sites allow you to have a public exposure. Facebook fan pages and many other social networks are public and allow everyone to see their content. This also serves as a major SEO boost.


Interactive Community

Social media helps you to create a sort of community and initiate daily interactions with the consumers and clients. This helps you stay in touch with the audiences and update them about the events, new products and special offers with the help of statuses and posts. Social networking sites also come with a chance of unlimited video and photo sharing.