SEO Repair Process

Our repair process begins at the source. The Website is targeted first and brought up to standards for high ranking pages. After onsite optimization is complete, a full link detox is performed to ensure rankings will not be affected by Google algorithm updates in the future. Lastly, citations, reviews, and social signals are cleaned and consolidated.

Below is a list of common items included in our Onsite Optimization and SEO Repair Process :

Onsite Optmization

The Meta Keywords, Description and Robots tag — Google used description copy to market your site in its results, treat this as optimized sales copy. Make sure your sitemap.xml page is CONSTANTLY called up to the search engines

The Title Tag — The title tag is the most import of all aspects of onsite optimization. Do you have the research to back up what it should be and why?

The Body Text — The first sentence and any text that are bolded are important.

The URL – Each site should be structured in a way to silos the visitor to their intended search. (i.e. –

The H1 and H2 Texts — These are you pages main topics. Make these keyword friendly and reflective of your page’s title tag.

IMG Alt Tags — Your images should be described with ALT Tags with the keywords you are optimizing for.

Other Items — Same Site Link Texts, Same-Site Link URLs, Outbound Link Text, Keyword Density, HTML comments should all have your SEO terms in them.

Other Onsite Services We Provide —

Link Detox & Graph Optimization

Content Clean-up

Citation Consolidation

Review Reputation Management

Consolidation of Social Accounts