Our Discovery Process

Each website has it’s own unique SEO issues and complexities. At Oxy Creative, we analyze each unique property and development a strategy for each area. This initial strategy development caries through the entire process of internet marketing and inbound content marketing that follows.

Below is a list of common items included in our discovery process :

Buyer Persona Development

What types of customers use your website? The initial identification of Persona Types allows you to target each persona with, not only served content creation, but also keyword search tendencies.


Persona Types are fictional representations of your ideal customers. They are based on real customer demographic and online behavior data, along with educated speculation about their personal histories, motivations, and concerns. This key aspect of our approach is right in line with current trends to serve up content that is audience specific and in turn convert users into customers faster.

Content Strategy Design

Each persona type enables us to create a unique content strategy for the website and for content to be shared for link building purposes. We identify a long list of both content types and content subject matter which allows a content calendar begin to develop for both social placement and blogging. Each content piece specifically matches persona types which returns higher that normal conversion and share rates.

Keyword Matrix Documentation

The Keyword Matrix is our documented guide used for producing backlinks and pay-per-click anchor text. We start with competitor keyword discovery along with what keywords you are ranking for presently. We then use a process of finding valuable short, mid, and long tail keywords that you should try to have your website rank with.

Building Matrix

Backlink Review

The backlink review process includes both a link detox report and a link graph anchor text report. Between both of these reports, we can identify most problems related to Penguin and Panda link violations. This report also helps us identify bad links which need to be removed or disavowed. We have had good success at removing both manual penalties and partial penalties from Google Webmaster Tools.

SEO LInk Detox

Local Citation Review

Local citations are extremely useful to some locally oriented business. By discovering local citation sources, both number and type, can have a huge impact on determining level of entry into the maps section of Google search. This section of the results page is driven by both number and quality of citation source along with optimization techniques in the Google Places account.

Citation Review

Competitor Intelligence

By understanding what links and citations a competing business has, a website owner and increase rankings by pursuing those same link sources. We have a process in place using outreach that returns good results for identifying links and getting link sources.

Competitor Intelligence

Online Reviews Review

Many online, as well as local businesses, have reviews in place. We identify each source and classify them. This document provides a single sources for fixing problem reviews and identifying personas which use review websites. In all, a enterprise-wide review procedure is set in place for dealing with everything from getting reviews to responding to bad reviews.

Social Signals Review

We find that most websites have set up multiple social accounts that are not synced to the overall link building and content strategy. This part of our review covers what accounts are setup and how best to utilize the many other types of accounts available. While overall reach is a primary metric, we also point out growth points and how they will effect each persona.

Social Signal

Onsite Optimization Review

An specific review of each webpage is conducted to determine technical onsite optimization issues. Each page is graded, analyzed, and documented. A detailed page level document is produced that shows exactly what needs to be changed to bring the page grade up to an A. This is all in concert with the persona, keyword matrix, and content strategy documents.

Onsite Optimization