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About Health Luminary

Health Luminary® created in the spring of 2014, so that Geny may give back that same gift. Her full intent is to educate and coach men and women on how to regain control of their own health, so that they may live their purpose. Empower her community with education of real food and nutrition, so that, YOU, understand that there are other choices than the ones we’re used to hearing.


Yogi–I don’t say this lightly. I am very impressed of your work. You went the extra mile for me…

… I’m here to tell you now. I like to build relationship with people I work with. …I really like working with you, OMG. You’re a breath of fresh air. I have no worries with you.

… I am able to focus on my business and FDN because of your help and service.

– Geny