Business Growth

Business Growth and What it Teaches Us

Businesses in today’s fast-paced network face the daunting task of launching new products and ideas while the upper hand is held by society‚Äôs industry giants. These small underdogs often get their product out as easily and quickly as possible, leading to their inevitable end from being built on such unsustainable growth. There is one factor that these businesses are forgetting. Although it may be nice to get the quickest and biggest amount of profit possible, forgetting this simple game-changer is…

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Tips for Training a New Social Media Marketer

This week we trained a social media intern. If you recently hired a social media intern, or you are the intern, this could be just the article for you!   Intro-Quick tid bits Make sure and set measurable goals at the beginning of every week for yourself this will help organize your thoughts and ongoing progress. Keep personal accounts logged into another browser to cut down confusion of accidental personal posting. Do you know your brand? Be familiar with your…

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