Our Facebook Hashtag Experiment

Does a  hashtag work on Facebook?

Here at Oxy we decided to run an experiment to see how many folks would respond to a trending topic using hashtags.  (#throwbackthursday). We chose to use Retro Technology  as our subject category, and for a few weeks we added posts to our Facebook page. We hoped that using hashtags would generate interaction for our page through likes, shares, and comments.

cell-phoneEven though we used hashtags to group are posts, we didn’t see any significant rise in interaction. There is a lot of reviews and new information coming out about Facebook’s recent adding of hashtags. Most of the information predominately negative.



beeperOther platforms such as Twitter and Instagram have thrived off of the hashtag. I can’t say that we have any hard conclusive data as to why Facebook seemed to fall short with hashtags.  Perhaps Facebook is simply becoming too  complex. Perhaps using another tool such as the hashtag only adds to the already  large pile of cryptic changes and additions Facebook made during recent updates.




walkman_FotorIt’s still a bit early, in my opinion, to burn them at the steak. Although, I have to conclude that even though the addition of hashtags could look promising on the onset, they havent proven to be as useful as we hoped.

So after our forth post using hashtags in a consistant grouping, we decided to go a step further and use another Facebook tool, Ads and Promotions. We chose a fairly small daily amount and promoted one of our “hashtaged” posts. Our Likes increased by the hundreds, as well as getting over 20 comments and 80 shares. While we loved these results, we did have to pay for them….

Our conclusion,  Facebook’s incorporation of hashtags doesn’t seem to be an effective way to get likes and shares yet, but paid inclusion options do work. Is paying for ad promotion on Facebook going to become a necessity in the future? It would seem so…

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