A Profitable Marriage between SEO and Social Media

In an effort to be more marketable, business owners are always coming up with ideas to help promote their brand/product. In the past few years, marketers have discovered that social media carries more weight than they imagined. Marketing trends have trended to a more consumer-approved mindset. Now, many marketers are not even focused on spending most of their budget and top-dollar commercial and radio ads. Instead, they want to reach the consumer directly through social media. Fortunately, social media also helps SEO aspects. SEO and social media work together to help business owners brand their product to an even larger audience than just the people on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

seo-and-social-mediaGoogle’s vision
Google realized that they can further advance their own company and help business owners with their company by making SEO more feasible with social media. When they realized that, they began implementing their own social media site, Google+. At first, many marketers were skeptical if the social site would help their efforts. Not many people seemed to gravitate toward the site, and big-name brands were already pushing their products on the site.

Google+’s connection with SEO
Google has connected the social site with its search algorithms. Therefore, for all the +1s a marketer accumulates on his media, the greater that media will be ranked in the search engines. Google relies on user behavior to help rank relevant content. Therefore, if you win favor within the social media spectrum, you will win favor with the search engines.

Methods used on social sites
The exact methods that marketers use to gain attention vary, depending on the goals of that marketer. Primarily, they all involve stimulating interaction within their own community. This can be done by connecting all the social accounts together to help save time. Of course, each site has its purpose. For example, there may be some things that you would post on Twitter but not on Facebook, so keep that in mind.

For the most part, develop your audience on Google+. It will help you more than you think. However, don’t neglect the followers you may already have on Facebook. Encourage them to interact with you on Google+. Lastly, make use of the tools that Google gives you, such as the Hangouts feature and the ability to organize your circles.