Why is My Competitor Ranking Higher than Me?

You might be asking yourself, why is my competitor’s website ranking higher than mine? There are many factors that may lead to one site ranking higher than another. On-site optimization and backlinks always has an influence on a website’s rank; however, there is one important tool that can boost any website’s rankings. Websites that do not utilize this simple tool are missing out and their low rankings may be because of it. What am I talking about? The answer is social media.
Although most people understand the benefits of social media, several are still unaware of the amount of traffic that could have. Many customers are more likely to go to social media sites rather than the company’s website. Social media is great for customers, then why is social media so beneficial to a website’s rank?

Free to Use

Everyone likes free stuff, right? Then why would you not take advantage of a marketing strategy that costs nothing? Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ do not cost anything to set up a profile. These sites are more than just meeting people and keeping up with the current trends. Businesses can create a company page to inform customer of the latest offers and sales.

Fresh Content

Blogs are another tool that websites use or should be using. Every company website should have a blog page on their website. Blogs can benefit your SEO campaign because it allows you to create fresh content on your website that targets your keywords. Blog postings encourage readers to leave comments. Social media buttons can be included on the site to allow the article to be shared on other websites. These articles are indexed by search engines and are likely to boost your rankings.

Build Backlinks

Any type of content that is shared on a social media platform will create a backlink. The more backlinks there are linking to your page, the higher your PageRank will be. Search engines will choose websites that have higher authority to provide better results. By getting high quality backlinks you will increase the rank of your website.

Social Media

Social media is not just some pop culture trend that will eventually die out. Social networks and social media platforms can be extremely beneficial to the growth of a company. If you are not using social media, do not worry. It is never too late to start. Chances are your competitor is already taking advantage of the benefits.