The Power of Being Liked for SEO

Everyone knows why it is important to have a Facebook page for a business. Well, I should say that almost everyone understands it is import or all businesses would have a Facebook. Although there are several reasons why a Facebook page can be beneficial, there is one reason that has the most impact. Businesses need a Facebook page because many people are on Facebook several times a day. This provides a business with a direct link to inform their customers about evens, sales, new inventory, or anything else that might be important. Most businesses will see more traffic to their Facebook page then their website on any given day.

Don’t Miss Out

Now that it is understood why a Facebook page is important, there is no time like the present to set one up for those that do not already have one. Implementing SEO strategies can get expensive, but Facebook is free. There is no reason not to use it because there is no way that it can hurt a business. There are several apps that can be downloaded for this page to allow such things as newsletter signups and product information. Along with apps, there are many other ways to use Facebook to increase followers and boost brand awareness.

Place an Ad

An ad on Facebook may not be as beneficial to some businesses as it is for others. By setting up an ad, Facebook is creating visibility to people that fit in a business’s target market. Since these ads are only shown to people with similar interests as the business, it reduces the amount of unrelated ads for the viewer.

Start a Contest

Having a contest is a great way to increase the amount of people liking the Facebook page. People will enter the contest and encourage others to vote for them. This will cause the other friends to like the Facebook page so that they can vote. A contest is an easy way to quickly boost rankings for the page.

Post Something Interesting

Many of the posts people make on Facebook are shared from other pages. A picture, video, or article can be shared all over Facebook, and it will include a link back to a business’s Facebook page. If there is a link that is directed to the business’s website than it will create a backlink that will help increase search engine rankings. Either way it is creating more traffic to the website or more traffic to the Facebook page. It is a win-win no matter what.