Are You Blogging at Least Twice a Week?

Blogging can be tedious and time consuming, but it is worth the extra effort. It is common knowledge that blogging is beneficial for to increase visitors to your website, encourage interaction through comments, and boosting your rankings in search engines. Even though most people understand that blogging can benefit SEO, the topic that is not always discussed is that website will be negatively affected if you are not blogging at least twice per week.

A Downward Spiral

A website that has a decreased amount of blogs being published is likely to have fewer visitors a drop in their Alexa ranking. The quality in the article is also important. If the quality goes down it is likely that the page rankings will also plummet.

More than Just a Couple of Articles

Blogging is extremely beneficial for websites because it will encourage people to visit a particular website and it may lead them to travel further into the site. This will encourage brand recognition, increase perspective customers for a business.

Keeping it Current

If you are not updating your website then you will not see these benefits for your website. People are online frequently throughout the week and always looking for new entertainment. A television station will update their website to inform viewers of current events in their neighborhood. The news feed on Facebook changes every day for people to find out what is going on in the lives of their friends, family, and co-workers. Similar to these examples, people want to see new and fresh content on your website or they will get bored with it.

Google is Watching

Internet surfers are not the only people looking for fresh content. Google and other search engines are paying close attention to fresh content being published to a website. Without new content, your website may be getting left in the dust.