3 Ways to Protect Your Website From Content Thieves

Plagiarism on the internet is not a blameless or harmless crime. It can really hurt your online credibility and your search engine rankings. Each duplicate piece of content can have a negative affect on your search engine ranking. Google particularly watches the web for duplicate content and uses it in their algorithm for determining your search value (i.e. – your position on it’s search engine). Here are a few online tools you can use to check for duplicate content issues or at worst, content thieves.

  • Copyscape – is a free website that can be used to check for duplicated content across the Google index.
  • Doc Cop is a registration required version that uses all three major engines. Although not as reliable as Copyscape, we still use it to check for duplication on our client’s websites.
  • Plagiarism Detect is another good but under utilized tool based on the Google index. We use it only as a secondary check for pages that come up in Copyscape.

For clients that are using our full SEO package, we have added a digital fingerprint service that checks all content that you add to your site monthly to detect any content duplication and thieves. Check with us to get your site evaluated today!